Monday, September 17, 2012

I picked the wrong day to wear heels.

I not a big fans of high heeled shoes. I rarely wear them, and when I do they are of medium height. I like it when they feel like character shoes. You know, the perfect height to do necessary things like tap dance and/or sing arias in.
Any way, I wore a lovely pair of black heels on Sunday with my favorite dress. Maren and I wanted to go see Music and The Spoken Word before church so we walked down the hill from the Hobbit Hole to the TRAX stop. We made it there in about ten minutes and should've been able to catch the TRAX a few minutes later, but it never came. Instead we stood there waiting for about twenty minutes. It felt strange and surreal; partially because we did not get enough sleep the night before. After staring at the schedule for a few minutes, crossing the street to wait at the bus stop for a bus that never came, and waiting for a few more minutes at the TRAX station, we asked the other people who were there. The girl was clueless, but the guy was on top of things and said that sometimes the TRAX doesn't come until 9:46 on Sundays.
Having given up on the whole idea after that, we decided to go home. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to hike up the steeper road home instead of the longer but more reasonable road. I had taken off my shoes before we left the TRAX station, though, so my feet weren't bleeding by the time we got home.
After being home for a little bit, it was time to put my shoes back on and walk up the hill to the Institute. Luckily, the TRAX came when we got to the station west of the stadium so we only had to walk half the way.
It probably doesn't sound as weird as it felt, but remember that this whole time Maren and I were half asleep.
Basically what I'm trying to say is that I have some blisters.
I also wanted to talk, on a more serious note, about what our Bishop said to us in sacrament meeting. He talked about taking the name of the Lord in vain: "taking in vain" means more than just using it as an expletive. If we aren't thinking about him and what he did for us when we say his name, we are using his name in vain. I just have never thought about that before, and now that I know that I feel so bad for all the times when I have said his name in a sentence without showing him the proper respect. I don't use his name as an expletive, but that doesn't mean I am always thinking about the full meaning of his name when I use his name in context. Food for thought...

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